What to expect from How To Quilt

This series is very deliberately written for ANY level of quilting experience, with one singular goal: at the end of the How To Quilt series, you’ll be equipped to make nearly ANY QUILT YOU WANT. There are other video series out there, and other “first quilt” patterns, and a lot of them are really, really good. If you discover that you love quilting, try them all! This one is unique in that my intention is to lead you to that discovery: that you LOVE quilting, and to do it in a way that gives you the skills, the tools, and the experience to tackle nearly any quilt pattern on the market today.

I first taught a version of this How To Quilt series as Your First Modern Quilt, an in-person and online series for beginning quilters who want a fresh look to their quilting. That was in 2010, and I feel delighted with all the quilts my former students have made! Since then, I launched the Murder Mystery Quilt, an online quilting whodunit subscription club–and kept running into new members or would-be members who asked for quilting basics or a refresher on core quilting skills to help make their Murder Mystery Quilts the best they can be.

I brought back the How To Quilt series for just that reason, and along the way, I refreshed the design, created new videos, wrote all-new patterns, and developed a more streamlined curriculum to guide you as you refine your quilting skills.

Each quilt block included in How To Quilt is based on an original design, and the patterns are freshly written with YOU in mind: clear graphics, concise instructions, and specific details to guide you to make a quilt you’re delighted to show off and share. Each video has been scripted and filmed with as much high-definition, up-close and detailed instruction as I can give, in a format that makes watching them possible in under twenty minutes each!

Each video is hosted on my YouTube channel, and embedded here on the course page for you to view. Every lesson here on the page includes photos, background details, and a download button where you can grab a copy of the pattern PDFs to print or view on your screen as you sew.

The course format allows you to click through each section as you go, and saves your progress for later. By hosting it here on the Murder Mystery Quilt site, it’s also AUTOMATICALLY AVAILABLE to any member of the Murder Mystery Quilt! If you’re not yet a member, the MMQ is an amazing group of the Nicest Quilters on the Internet–and a perfect place to put your new quilting skills to work solving crime! Learn more here.

I hope you’ll LOVE working your way through How To Quilt as much as I’ve loved putting it together for you!