Lattice quilt blocks are more a category than a particular pattern or design. The idea is that the elements of the block itself intersect with one another to create an optical illusion, convincing the viewer that the fabrics overlap or weave through each other.

It’s a lovely effect and a great introduction into the idea that we can select and arrange our fabrics in ways that are greater than the fabric itself–that quilting is an art form and offers possibilities in design that require patchwork in order to execute them. It’s also a great example of a block where both matching seams and the SCANT 1/4″ seam allowance can lead to superior results.

The cutting step of this block is more involved than for the previous ones, and this can be a great chance for you to also refine your system of organizing segments while you sew. You’ll watch in the video below as I utilize a very small section of my cutting table–just 24″ x 24″ or so–to lay out my fabrics at each step to keep them arranged in a way that is logical and systematic. For me, this makes sewing vastly more efficient and reduces how often I’m obligated to use my seam ripper to re-sew a seam.

You’ll also see me work at the iron to open out my seams very intentionally to maximize my margin before trimming the finished block. Never underestimate the power of steam to re-shape a unit or block as you sew your patchwork! At the machine, I demonstrate using the concept of EASE that’s common in garment sewing to ensure that even when units don’t align perfectly, they still match for the finished block.

Take your time with this block and have plenty of self-compassion! It has more parts than our previous patchwork, so it will take more time–but the results are absolutely worth the effort.

On the next episode of How To Quilt, we graduate to triangles as we sew the Pinwheel block!