Tools You’ll Need

Some of you are new to quilting, and others are refining your technique. In the years I’ve been teaching quilting to students, I’ve discovered over and over that most of us work better when we have the right tools on hand.


The only truly essential tools for making the sampler quilt in the How To Quilt video series are scissors and needle & thread. I strongly recommend a sewing machine, but honestly, if you didn’t have one you could STILL make the blocks in our quilt.

Having said that, there are some tools you can use that will just plain make the job more fun and faster, which is almost always the more enjoyable route to travel.


My grandfather always told me, “Get the best tools you can afford; cheap ones will just break and you’ll spend twice as much buying them all over again, anyway.” I’ve chosen to stick to this lesson with one caution: I try to purchase tools AS I NEED THEM so I can focus on getting good quality rather than high quantity.

Rather than think of this list as a “supplies list,” consider it a list of tools that will make the job simpler, and you get to choose cafeteria-style which ones you’ll include in your tool belt. (HINT: It also makes a great gift list! Use the copy-and-paste function on your computer or device to preserve the links directly to each product, so you can easily share them as gift ideas.)*

The video below introduces you to the tools on our list, and where we’ll be using them in our sampler quilt!

*Disclosure: Links in the How To Quilt video series may be affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission when you use them to make a purchase, but the cost to you remains the same.