Ohio Star

There are some quilt blocks that each of us simple loves, and Ohio Star is one for me. Something about the balanced repetition strikes my eye and my fancy, and I’ve always been a big fan of this design, in any fabric.

We’re making half-square triangles using a different method for this block, and then COMBINING them to make QUARTER-square triangles, which seem like much smaller and more complicated pieces but are really just a matter of using our NESTED SEAMS skill to get very pretty points on our triangles.

From there, you’ll recognize the layout of the block as a three-by-three grid, JUST LIKE our Nine Patch, because many quilt blocks follow this same pattern. Assembling the units goes quickly, and result is a square-in-square look that is extremely pleasing to the eye.

Have fun thinking about FUSSY CUTTING, too, which I discuss toward the end of the video!

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