Log Cabin

Log Cabin is a traditional quilt block design, like most of the blocks included in the How To Quilt sampler. The “logs” are the strips that get stitched in a not-quite-spiral layout around a central “hearth.” Updated in our modern color palette, this block makes a stunning presentation that gives us a chance to play with color and value (how much white vs black is in a particular color) while also perfecting our cutting skills (to make each strip the correct length) and our 1/4″ seam allowances (to get each segment of the block the right size before joining the next strip).

Download the PDF Log Cabin quilt block pattern for the measurements and fabrics necessary to make this block. All the steps are shown in the video below!

Upgrade to the How To Quilt PREMIUM edition for an alternate technique to construct a Log Cabin block, a FULL Log Cabin quilt pattern, AND a Log Cabin bonus project pattern! How To Quilt PREMIUM premieres on December 25, 2021!

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