Nine Patch

The Nine Patch quilt block is maybe THE most classic–and also one of the most versatile! By combining small cuts in a THREE BY THREE GRID, we can create the illusion of a much more complicated piece of patchwork with very efficient techniques.

This block is included in the How To Quilt series to build the skills of nesting and matching seams, which we began in the last blocks, and to emphasize the importance of a consistent seam allowance to avoid errors of repetition, since those small increments can really add up over this number of seams.

We’re also introducing the idea of CHAIN STITCHING, which can allow much more efficient means of sewing many small pieces, because we cut our thread and start/stop much less often.

The colors in this block are arranged as they are to use as many of your fabrics as we can. Should you want to organize yours in a different layout, DO IT! This is YOUR quilt and you should love the final look. Changing the layout from the pattern below won’t affect the final quilt in any way.

Take the time to TRIM between steps, and have fun with this classic block! If you choose to upgrade to the PREMIUM edition of How To Quilt, there’s a full quilt pattern for an Irish Chain quilt based on the Nine Patch we’re learning here.

In the meantime, you have all the skills you need to join the Murder Mystery Quilt for 2022! Meet other quilters, discover new blocks, and continue to refine your quilting skills while solving crime!