Choosing Your Fabrics

One of the most entrancing parts of any project is DREAMING IT. Choosing fabric for a quilt offers limitless possibilities–you can take the palette and emotional feel of the finished quilt in any direction.

Whether you’re buying fabric new for this project or working from donations & scraps, a sampler quilt is a wonderful foundation where you can stretch your creativity. I’ve shared in the video below EXACTLY the colors and fabrics I used for the samples in the How To Quilt video series, so you can easily make your quilt just the same. I’m listing the colors of Kona Cotton Solids I used in the video, which you can order here.

You can also use ANY fabric you have on hand! Working with scraps and handed-down fabrics can be a low-risk way to practice your quilting skills without the pressure of worrying you’ll “waste” the fabric.

More experienced quilters might see this as a chance to use some hoarded or “stash” fabrics and get them out into the light where they can be enjoyed more often!

No matter what you choose, select colors and prints that you LOVE so you can enjoy both the process of quilting and the product of your hands.

On the next episode of How To Quilt: preparing your fabric so it’s ready to sew!