Flying Geese

Sometimes the greatest challenge presented by a particular quilt block is the TRIMMING. Flying Geese are triangles constructed from one rectangle and two squares–sounds easy enough, right? But preserving the points by carefully trimming so that there are seam allowances on all sides adequate for joining the geese to one another…well, that’s a skill that simply must be learned.

In this episode of the How To Quilt video series, we’re looking at how to construct Flying Geese one at a time, and then now to carefully press and trim them so that they come out perfect. I’m using the Wing Clipper Flying Geese ruler in the video below, but there are plenty of other similar products available–and as always, you don’t HAVE to have them, but this episode is an example of a product that for very little money can really help you enjoy your quilting more.

In our next episode, master a different kind of triangle, made from rectangles!