Pinwheel is a fun block with lots of layout options–and it’s also a chance for us to level up! Previous blocks in the How To Quilt series have all involved squares and rectangles–all right angles. Now, we move into TRIANGLES, which gives us space to make some really interesting shapes as we combine fabrics and units across the seams of our block.

For the pinwheel block, we’re focusing on HALF-SQUARE TRIANGLES, a key skill in patchwork. We’ll be making FOUR-AT-A-TIME half-square triangles for this block pattern, but there are plenty of other techniques out there–you can learn them when you upgrade to the How To Quilt PREMIUM edition when it premieres December 25!

Because the edges of the units we’re cutting here are on the BIAS, take the time to use spray stabilizer on your fabric prior to cutting. This will make a WORLD of difference in your final results.

Your How To Quilt sampler is YOUR quilt, so if at any point as you construct this block you feel inspiration strike and want to change fabrics or use a different layout–GO FOR IT! And have fun quilting.

In the next episode, we make QUARTER SQUARE TRIANGLES in the Ohio Star block!