Drunkard’s Path

Drunkard’s Path is another classic quilt block that creates CURVED SEAMS which can be off-set to form an irregular “trail” between blocks of a quilt. It’s a good introduction to the ways that quilt design can work both across units and across blocks, based on how we encourage the seam lines to interact.

In our version, we arrange our four quadrants to create a CIRCLE at the center of our block, but because we use two sizes of Drunkard’s Path template, this becomes a very modern, updated design. By simply rotating the quadrants, we can disconnect those seams from one another and create an entirely different look to the block!

Curved seams can sometimes get a bad rap. In this design, the curve is VERY gentle which makes it easy to sew, even if you’ve never sewn curves before. The video walks you through every step of the way, from marking the centers and quarters of each curve, to matching the two templates to one another, through sewing them up and trimming the final block.

In our next episode, another template for making the Dresden Plate block!