Donation Quilts for California Wildfire Victims

Many of us have been devastated and moved by the news of the wildfires currently affecting the state of California.  As of this posting, there are 31 individuals confirmed dead as a result of these fires, and an additional 250,000+ people who have been evacuated from their homes.  In our 2018 Murder Mystery Quilt membership, we have three members who have lost their homes and possessions.  As a community, we want to band together and do what we can for those who have had their lives altered by this disaster.


If you are a current 2018 MMQ member, and would like to donate a replacement block for one month of this year's quilt to one of our three members who has lost her quilt and her home, there is a post pinned to the top of our group Facebook page with contact information for the member volunteer who is spearheading this effort.  We are working to organize the donated blocks in such a way that there are no duplicates, and that each member receives a completed quilt top to comfort her as this year comes to a close.  Questions? Please comment below or contact me directly via email or Facebook.


Many children have been directly affected by these wildfires, and have lost homes and all their belongings just as winter is arriving in California.  Donation quilts are being accepted with immediate need, snd many members have expressed a desire to sew additional blocks to donate for more quilts.  Specifically, the call has come in for quilts measuring at least 42" x 54" (or larger) that are finished and ready for use; if you have a quilt or quilt top waiting for a home, this is an excellent opportunity to share it!  The post pinned at the top of our Facebook group has information about where those can be mailed immediately.

Complete quilts that are ready to be given to children can be mailed immediately to the address below:

Care of Kathy Biggi
14280 Bar Ela Ranch Rd.
Grass Valley, CA 95945

If you do not have a finished quilt or quilt top but would like to sew a block or blocks to donate, we are coordinating efforts to sew HEART QUILTS that will be completed by volunteers to ship by early December.  Any heart block pattern will do, as long as it measures 12.5" x 12.5" (unfinished) and can be mailed to arrive by Dec 1, 2018.  You are invited to use any fabrics you choose in your donation blocks, keeping in mind that these will be given to children ranging in age from birth to high school.  Quilts for young girls, and younger and older boys, are especially needed.

These tutorials are all excellent and will make very nice blocks for these quilts:

Simple Heart Block tutorial on 30 Days of Sewing Quilt Blocks

Valentine Heart Block from Quilting Assistant

Valentine Log Cabin Block from Feverish Quilter

Two Sweet Hearts block designed by MMQ Super-Assistant Kristi McDonough

Feel free to share additional 12" heart block patterns and tutorials in the comments below!  Please SHARE THIS POST with friends and family who may be interested in donating blocks or whole quilts.  So many children are without homes and in the midst of terrifying trauma--just a small gift of a quilt to call their own makes a huge difference.  Thank you for being part of our quilting community!

25 thoughts on “Donation Quilts for California Wildfire Victims”

  1. I’m more than willing to make hearts. But I would love to get specific size pieces to complete the hearts. These people are going through an experience no one can dream up.

    1. Thank you for posting this Janet! I downloaded the free pixel heart pattern – love the fact I can use scraps to make a 75″ square quilt, or adjust to any size I want!

  2. I have a quilt about 55 x 55 already finished (quilted and bound) is that acceptable? Just mail it to the above address?

  3. I am sending a ‘cowboy/western’ quilt top. Should it go to Kathy Biggi or is there another address for tops that need to be sandwiched and quilted?

    1. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see “We Care” information on this site! Kathy is a friend/neighbor of mine. She accepts quilts, quilt tops, and pillow cases. You can mail them to her home. The last time we spoke, she mentioned that she needs quilts and pillowcases for the teens, especially boys, but all are welcome. The next batch will be delivered the second week of January. Thank you in advance!

  4. I have a completed top that needs sandwiched and quilted. Do I send it to Kathy B? Or is there another address?

  5. I have already mailed a finished quilt to Ms. Biggi. Do we send the blocks to the same address? I don’t see a confirmation here…

  6. Good morning! Please remind me who is co-ordinating the replacement mystery blocks. I had offered to make the September block. Life got a bit crazy. I want to get it finished and mailed off.

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