Your Murder Mystery Quilt Hostess

Hello, and welcome to the Murder Mystery Quilt!! I am so excited you'll be part of the group in 2024.  Over the past nine years, more than 11,000 unique members have taken part in the Murder Mystery Quilt and worked together to sew their quilts to solve crime.  It has been such an enjoyable and exciting challenge, and I am thrilled and honored to be starting a new mystery and quilt in January! Hosting you as part of this group give me tremendous joy. I can't wait to see what you'll sew! Our year together is about a mystery and a quilt, and so much more.

Over the years, this has gone from a "fun idea" to a real community, one that blossomed with humor, generosity, friendship and true warmth.  As a group of quilters, the members you'll be joining in the coming year are beyond compare: welcoming, adventurous, funny, supportive, and kind.  You will find, as I have, that these are the nicest quilters on the internet, and your skills and enthusiasm for quilting are sure to grow as you work toward solving the mystery in our story--with the delightful added benefit that you'll have a whole bunch of new friends after the story is finished!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

Quilt Blocks to Sew
Mystery Chapters to Read
Bonus Clues to Earn
Guesses to Make


When you log on to the site each visit using the Member Login link in the top menu, you'll be automatically routed to the RECENT UPDATES page (you can see them listed now in the right sidebar).  All the content to date will appear on the Recent Updates page, where you can return to it to download the chapter or the block pattern, locate videos to guide you, or refresh your memory if you fall behind.  Please note: you will only have access to the posts included in your membership; other posts will be unavailable to you, although their titles will appear on the screen.

The sidebar is constantly being updated and new content added.  Under construction is the GROUP FORUM, where you'll be able to add topics and ask questions, as well as meet other members!  You'll also notice RECENTLY ACTIVE MEMBERS, where an avatar will appear to represent other members who have been on the site in the past 24 hours--your avatar can be changed by clicking the icon or visiting the My Account page.  You can also head to the My Account page to update your payment method, add a brief public description about yourself, and follow threads where you've been mentioned in the forum!




Kitty Campbell is an intrepid, lock-picking, crime-solving botanical archaeologist.  She's examining an ancient site in modern Greece, and discovers maybe solving crime is as rewarding as uncovering the past!  Earn clues as you sew each monthly quilt block, and assemble the quilt to catch the killer and solve the case with Kitty.

Along the way, you'll learn new skills or polish up familiar ones, work with beautiful fabrics, and create a showstopper of a quilt!  A few points and reminders about how things will work in 2024: