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Every month, a brand-new chapter of an original murder mystery novel is delivered to your inbox.

Sew It

Along with the chapter, you receive the pattern for a monthly quilt block.  Clues to the mystery are hiding in the quilt!

Solve It

At the end of the mystery, submit your guess for the killer--and join the whole community in sharing your finished quilt + win prizes!


The tropical beach of Varadero in Cuba with american classic car, sailboats and palm trees on a summer day with turquoise water. Vacation background

Join our hero, Kitty, in the Caribbean!

Kitty Campbell is an archaeobotanist who travels the world, running from her ghosts.  It all started in 1989, when she went from wide-eyed optimistic botany major in college to intrepid, lock-picking, crime-solving botanical archaeologist.  Travel back to the 80s to discover the secret past that leads her to obsessively solve puzzles and untie knots--and learn how a sunken pirate ship, a stolen treasure, a SCUBA accident, and a potted tropical plant fit in!  Earn clues as you sew each monthly quilt block, and assemble the quilt to catch the killer and solve the case with Kitty.

The Caribbean, Where Secrets Lie Beneath The Sea

Kitty Campbell, class of 1990, needs one last social science credit to complete her undergraduate requirements--but the only course available for the summer term is a study abroad program in underwater archaeology off the coast of Cuba.  Desperate to graduate college early and start her Real Life before the 90s begin, Kitty lands in the Bahamas for rapid training in SCUBA and maritime excavation before heading to the site of a suspected pirate ship in Cuban waters--but doesn't get far before her dive buddy fails to come up for air.  And Kitty suspects it wasn't an accident.

Scuba Divers Exploring underwater ship wreck
Version 2

Help Our Heroine Catch A Killer While You Sew Your Quilt!

Now Kitty must track a killer and learn the truth--and you'll find clues in your quilt!  From the swimming pigs of Bahamas to the streets of Havana to the pirate wreckage lying on the ocean floor, the 2021 Murder Mystery Quilt is the story of a young girl's moxie & mental agility--and you get to solve the case alongside her!  Piece your quilt in stunning Caribbean colors as you sew to catch a killer, accompanied by your own Clue Crew of new quilting friends, warm support to grow your skills, and monthly Spotify playlists full of tunes to put you in the mood.

Join us to solve crime with the nicest quilters on the Web!

Registration is CLOSED for 2021, but opens on Halloween for 2022!

endorsements quotes murder text

This has been an AMAZING experience. 2020 has been a very unusual and challenging year in so many ways--I have learned ‘sew’ many tips and tricks in this last 10 months...Everyone involved with the quilt, from the fellow quilters to the admin have been so helpful and encouraging. I feel privileged to have been part of this experience. I am looking forward to the 2021 version!

~Katthie C

2020 is my first year and it has really inspired my own creativity. I love [the] style so far and can’t wait to see it together. Thank you for making this a reality!

~Emma W

This MMQ has really been quite fun in a year fraught with sadness and worry. Thank you for providing sunshine and distraction each month. Miss Kitty is my hero!

~Debra C

I’m having such a good time with this project! Some months have shoved me completely out of my comfort zone and that’s ok! Thanks for making this not-so-nice year a bit better with having something to look forward to every month. Can’t wait til next year!

~Andrea J

All signed up for 2021. This will be my 5th year.  I love the whole experience, from the patterns, the mystery, the story, the facebook group, the admins, everything, nothing is a problem and issues get solved ASAP.  I just can't imagine not doing the MMQ every year.  Please don’t stop.
Cheers to 2021!

~Jenny R

Just signed up for my 6th MMQ. Can’t wait to learn the location and get started. This is all so fun! Thank you, Deborah!

~Laurie B