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Jamestown ships at harbor Murder Mystery Quilt

Join our hero, Kitty, at Jamestown

One of the most famous sites in all of American history, Jamestown was a hard place to live in the early 1600s.  When our heroine Kitty Campbell arrives, it's an easy place to die!  Join the intrepid scientist at this epic historic site, complete with remarkable riverfront views and steeped in history, as she tracks the clues.  Your quilt blocks hold the secrets to solve the crime and catch a killer!

Down the Well--and the Rabbit Hole

Kitty, an exceptional archaeologist and sometime lock picker, can never resist a puzzle.  When she arrives at Jamestown's highly competitive summer Field School as a guest instructor for an eclectic group of student archaeologists, Kitty uncovers a murder and is drawn into tracking and catching the killer.  Experience history, wild scenic beauty, and a range of memorable characters while sewing alongside a community of smart, witty, friendly and warm quilters like you!

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Join us to solve crime with the nicest quilters on the Web!

Registration opens November 1, 2018 for the 2019 Murder Mystery Quilt, and closes January 31st, 2019.

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Thank you for year full of great experiences. I love seeing everyone's's always good to learn new skills!

~Laurie B

This has been such a fun group.  I loved everyone's blocks, and the friendship.  I will absolutely sign up again next year!

~Debra G

I love the friendship of this group, and if people knew what they're missing they'd join, too! Thanks for all the fun!

~Pam F