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Join our hero, Kitty, in Ancient Egypt!

Kitty Campbell is saddled with a social media intern at a museum in Amsterdam when she gets a call from an unlikely source, with an unexpected request: look into the mysterious death of an archaeologist on the road to Cairo.  The catch? The victim died inside a cargo van, locked from the outside, and carrying ancient artifacts from the tombs of Luxor.  Kitty is drawn into a mystery fueled by a web of lies--and it's her expertise in prehistoric plants, her skills as a lockpicker, and her unique understanding of the human heart that will help her catch the killer.

Egypt, a Land of Jewels and Mystery

Kitty, an exceptional archaeologist and sometime lock picker, can never resist a puzzle.  When a body is discovered on the other side of a padlock with no explanation, it's just that obsession that allows her to see what the authorities miss to solve a mystery that deepens faster than the night falls over the pyramids.  Through the story and the quilt, you'll follow along and investigate the mystery alongside her! Experience history, wild scenic beauty, and a range of memorable characters while sewing alongside a community of smart, witty, friendly and warm quilters like you!


Join us to solve crime with the nicest quilters on the Web!

Registration is NOW CLOSED for 2020 and will re-open on October 31.

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Thank you for year full of great experiences. I love seeing everyone's's always good to learn new skills!

~Laurie B

This has been such a fun group.  I loved everyone's blocks, and the friendship.  I will absolutely sign up again next year!

~Debra G

I love the friendship of this group, and if people knew what they're missing they'd join, too! Thanks for all the fun!

~Pam F