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Grand Prismatic Spring im Yellowstone Nationalpark


Yellowstone national park entrance sign

Join our hero, Kitty, in Yellowstone!

The American West is gloriously wide and free--which suits Kitty Campbell just fine.  Haunted by her past mistakes, Kitty's aggressive and uncompromising nature has led her to a botanical research project in the most famous of America's National Parks, where she hopes to find peace and freedom.  Face to face with a woman who is much more like Kitty than either would like to admit, Campbell must ask herself how much of her hardship is bad luck and how much is her own fault--but she's interrupted when a body is discovered bubbling up from the boiling mud pots of Yellowstone's Norris Geyser Basin.

Wide Open Spaces and Small Quiet Secrets

Kitty Campbell has followed her love of plants and archaeology around the world and back--but death keeps following her and calling her to solve murders.  Gifted with a love of nature, and cursed with a deep understanding of the dark secrets lurking in the hearts of humans, Kitty solves murders reluctantly--and in the quiet of Yellowstone National Park, as the bison herds roam along the banks of streams filled with trout, she's hoping she can finally escape the call of death.

She will soon find that death isn't done with her yet.

Wild bison in Yellowstone National Park, USA
Fly fishing in the Madison River as it flows through the western
Castle Geyser erupts with hot water and steam with pools of thermophilic bacteria and is a cone geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States.

Help Our Heroine Catch A Killer While You Sew Your Quilt!

Now Kitty must track a killer and learn the truth--and you'll find clues in your quilt!  From the sky-high geysers, to the valleys filled with wildlife, to the historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel whose buttery walls tower over icy waters, the 2022 Murder Mystery Quilt is the story of a brilliant, haunted scientist's moxie & mental agility--and you get to solve the case alongside her!  Piece your quilt in stunning Grand Prismatic Spring colors as you sew to catch a killer, accompanied by your own Clue Crew of new quilting friends, warm support to grow your skills, and monthly Spotify playlists full of tunes to put you in the mood.

An epic scenery of the canyon in between of those large mountain ranges

Join us to solve crime with the nicest quilters on the Web!

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endorsements quotes murder text

This has been an AMAZING experience. 2020 has been a very unusual and challenging year in so many ways--I have learned ‘sew’ many tips and tricks in this last 10 months...Everyone involved with the quilt, from the fellow quilters to the admin have been so helpful and encouraging. I feel privileged to have been part of this experience. I am looking forward to the 2021 version!

~Katthie C

2020 is my first year and it has really inspired my own creativity. I love [the] style so far and can’t wait to see it together. Thank you for making this a reality!

~Emma W

This MMQ has really been quite fun in a year fraught with sadness and worry. Thank you for providing sunshine and distraction each month. Miss Kitty is my hero!

~Debra C

I’m having such a good time with this project! Some months have shoved me completely out of my comfort zone and that’s ok! Thanks for making this not-so-nice year a bit better with having something to look forward to every month. Can’t wait til next year!

~Andrea J

All signed up for 2021. This will be my 5th year.  I love the whole experience, from the patterns, the mystery, the story, the facebook group, the admins, everything, nothing is a problem and issues get solved ASAP.  I just can't imagine not doing the MMQ every year.  Please don’t stop.
Cheers to 2021!

~Jenny R

Just signed up for my 6th MMQ. Can’t wait to learn the location and get started. This is all so fun! Thank you, Deborah!

~Laurie B