Read It

an original mystery

A fresh new chapter every month filled with rich characters, ripe intrigue, and plenty of clues (and red herrings!) to keep you guessing.


Sew It

one block a month

Modern original blocks that include a range of techniques, with guidance for any skill level and interest to keep everyone engaged.


Solve It

and win prizes

Two large prize baskets are up for grabs at the end of the year! Filled with fabric, patterns, notions, tools and treasures for any quilter.

The Murder Mystery Quilt is a monthly subscription club that reads along together and stitches up a quilt to find clues and solve the murder.   This is a mystery quilt in the traditional sense–you sew a block each month and the overall design of the quilt isn’t revealed until all the blocks are sewn–but it’s also a MYSTERY quilt: each month, along with the block pattern and design, you receive a chapter of a mystery story.  Each chapter reveals clues as the plot unfolds, and it’s your job to seek out whodunit!

Small motorboat at clear water bay of Loutro town on Crete islan


Included in your monthly subscription:

  • one chapter a month of a murder mystery for you to solve!
  • a PDF quilt block pattern, including templates and instructions with full-color step-by-step illustrations for assembly
  • access to a private, password-protected “classroom” site where chapters, patterns, and instructions are archived for download, and venue for asking questions and sharing ideas with other quilters
  • private Facebook group for tagging images of your blocks, joining in group discussions, and building community with other sleuths
  • access to the entire How To Quilt video series, with printable patterns & skill-building videos to help grow your quilting
  • monthly email when each chapter and pattern is posted on the second Wednesday of each month
  • monthly email with ideas, insights, hints and links to resources around the web, on the fourth Wednesday of each month
  • entry for every correct guess into the Solutions Prize pool, to win a basket of quilting tools and fabric
  • entry for every completed quilt top into the Finishers Prize pool, to win a prize basket
  • an additional clue via email for every month you share and tag your completed block
  • coloring pages, connect-the-dots, and bonus extras for you to download and print!
Famous Parthenon temple on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Join the Nicest Folks on the Internet!

A warm, friendly, funny and whip-smart community of quilters is waiting to welcome you.  A private Facebook group keeps you updated, and the bonus clues each month that arrive when you post an image of your completed block to social media keep you motivated and involved.  Add in monthly emails with encouragement, mystery novel and film ideas to explore, and updates about the club, and the Murder Mystery Quilt makes for a magical year!


Our Approach

You are a detective.

You love a good mystery, and you love winkling out the answers to any puzzle.  That's part of why you love quilts: they're pretty, pretty little puzzles that you get to assemble by hand.  Kitty Campbell knows how you feel.  As a freelance archaobotanist--who may or may not have lost her university position as the result of an unfortunate compulsion to pick every lock she sees--Kitty has spent her career looking for tiny clues to unlock the puzzle of the past.  But now it isn't just the past that needs her help.

Kitty needs your help.

In the Murder Mystery Quilt, you'll follow along in the story as Kitty gets closer to catching the killer--and before the solution is revealed, your quilt will give the final clue to solve the crime!

Join Us and Solve Crime!

Head to the paradise of the Greek islands with Kitty Campbell, freelance archaeobotanist and puzzle addict--and solve a murder!  Your quilt blocks hold the clues to catch a killer.