What's a mystery quilt?

A mystery quilt is a project that you don't see before you sew!  You'll be presented with block patterns for individual portions of the quilt, but you won't see the finished design beforehand--you'll follow detailed instructions to make each block, and the design of the quilt will unfold as you work.  If you've never made a mystery quilt before, they're really fun and exciting!  They can challenge you to try new things and expand your quilting skills.  And you'll get lots of guidance along the way, from instructions on fabric colors to choose, to how much fabric you'll need, to step-by-steps for every technique necessary.  As you sew, others will be sewing along with you, and the mystery is part of the fun!

Can I participate from outside the United States?

Yes!  The Murder Mystery Quilt is open to members from around the world.  All content is in English, and new patterns are released on Eastern time, so please take that into account when registering.

How many patterns are there in this mystery quilt?

This is a year-long mystery quilt, so there are eleven primary block patterns, one each month from January through November, plus a final assembly pattern in December. The first pattern & chapter arrive on January 10, 2024. The final assembly pattern will deliver on January 1, 2025 along with the final chapter of the mystery.

I'm a new(ish) quilter.  Will I be able to make the quilt blocks in this pattern?

Yes!  The Murder Mystery Quilt warmly welcomes quilters at all levels, and has proudly introduced more than 11,000 past members to new techniques and styles.  Whenever possible, links and videos are included with the detailed written instructions to make sure you're able to easily follow the pattern, and our warm and friendly community is a wealth of knowledge--use the private community forum here on the site to share ideas, ask questions and make new friends while you sew!

Members of the 2024 Murder Mystery Quilt also get FULL ACCESS to the How To Quilt video series, which includes step-by-step guides for making a dozen blocks.  You can learn to quilt for the first time or refine your quilting skills as you wait for our year together to begin!

What type of quilt will we be making in 2024?

Every year, the style of the Murder Mystery Quilt is slightly different.  In 2024, it's a sampler-inspired geometric design around a central medallion, with an integrated border AND a surprise ending!  We will use a combination of traditional piecing, applique, and (optional) foundation paper piecing to sew the blocks; each month, the block style varies, so it's never too much of one thing, and you get to try new techniques as the year goes on!  The finished quilt measures 51" x 63" with included borders (additional optional borders can be added to bring the final quilt to queen size).  It's just lovely, and we can't wait to sew it with you!

How are the mystery chapters and quilt patterns delivered each month?

On the second Wednesday of each month in 2024, an email will arrive in your inbox, directed to the email address you used to register here on the site.  Your chapter and pattern will be accessible through a link in this email, and can be downloaded in PDF format.  To read the file, you'll need Adobe Reader, which you can get for free here.

I didn't receive my pattern via email.  Is there another way to get it?

Of course! Simply log in to your account, and on the main landing page you'll find an archived list of all the patterns to date.  You can also email directly and we're happy to re-send the monthly email with the link to download your pattern.

How can I get to know the other quilters in the group?  I'm looking for quilting friends in addition to the mystery!

One of the best parts about the Murder Mystery Quilt is the community of helpful, funny, smart quilters who make up our membership.  You can get to know them by posting to the community forum here on the site, and by joining the private Facebook group for the year.  Members share their quilt blocks each month in exchange for bonus clues, and many allow peeks into other projects they're working on!  It's a simple and welcoming way to get support for your sewing while making new friends.

I can't remember my login name or password.  Can you send it to me?

Your username was created when you signed up for an account here on the MMQ site; usernames are permanent and can't be changed.  If you can't remember your password, you can reset it using the link on the login dashboard.

What’s your return policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time from your account login.  Annual subscribers may cancel during the first 30 days for a prorated refund.  No refunds are available for past payments on cancelled monthly subscriptions, but once cancelled a subscriber will no longer be charged. Cancellations must be made directly through the "Account" tab. Incomplete monthly subscriptions that bill fewer than 12 payments, and cancelled annual subscriptions, will lose access to the content.