How To Quilt PREMIUM

The How To Quilt PREMIUM series is your personalized guide to make a modern sampler quilt from classic quilt block designs.  Start with a friendly a welcome video, quilt history, color theory, and fabric selection–and then jump right in and make a full quilt with us!

Your membership begins as soon as you register, and ALL THE CONTENT IS YOURS FOREVER, so you can work at your own pace as your schedule allows. Videos are captioned in both English and Spanish, too, for watching on-the-go or reviewing the materials later!

How To Quilt is a start-to-finish series with 4K video, guiding you to make a gorgeous sampler quilt while AT THE SAME TIME building your quilting and patchwork skills.

There are TWELVE original quilt block patterns included, based on classic designs. You’ll find a step-by-step video AND a downloadable PDF pattern for each block, complete with fabric requirements, cutting instructions, and assembly diagrams in full color. The series then leads you through the entire process of making a quilt from beginning to end, including everything from selecting and preparing your fabrics to sewing each block, then to making the quilt top and through to how to sew the quilting stitches and bind the finished quilt.

This series is very deliberately written for ANY level of quilting experience, with one singular goal: at the end of the How To Quilt series, you’ll be equipped to make nearly ANY QUILT YOU WANT. There are other video series out there, and other “first quilt” patterns, and a lot of them are really, really good. If you discover that you love quilting, try them all! This one is unique in that my intention is to lead you to that discovery: that you LOVE quilting, and to do it in a way that gives you the skills, the tools, and the experience to tackle nearly any quilt pattern on the market today.


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