MMQ24: Single Payment Murder Mystery Quilt 2024

Register below for a 2024 Murder Mystery Quilt subscription with a single, flat fee payment for the entire year.  

Your registration will include all the benefits of the 2024 Murder Mystery Quilt


Select your preferred method of billing below, either using your PayPal account or your credit card via Stripe. Your credit card statement will read “Whipstitch Industries” as the purchase identifier. Payment is immediate once you complete registration, and gives you instant access to all the early bird content–including the chance to enter to win a free subscription for you and a friend!  Your email address will be added to all future messages to the group!



one payment of $99

Is this a gift?

Please review the guidelines for giving the Murder Mystery Quilt as a gift at this link.  DO NOT use the recipient’s email address and name when completing the fields below!  You will create an account with YOUR email address and information, and when the purchase is complete, will receive a coupon code and link to send to your gift recipient that will allow them to redeem the gift.  Setting up the account in their name will mask the membership from them so they’re unable to view the content!  Questions?  Just ask and we’re happy to help get you all squared away!

10 thoughts on “MMQ24: Single Payment Murder Mystery Quilt 2024”

    1. Hi, Joyce! You’ll have our whole community! All our content is online, including our Clue Crews, where you can meet other quilters for support and encouragement. We’d love to spend the year with you!

  1. Hello, I’m purchasing this as a gift. I don’t see where I put the recipient’s name, etc for the gift certificate I will apparently be able to print out immediately after payment?

    1. Hi Sara! When you tick the “is this a gift?” box, your purchase will create a unique coupon code which they can use to redeem the gift—they will set up their own account and use the code to launch their subscription. There’s a space in the printable certificate to write the code so your gift recipient can do it when they’re ready!

      Hope that helps but please reach out if you have other questions.

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