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    1. From January till September I thought the crew of the Viking boat was murdered by the captain scuttling the boat based on an order from the Queen of Norway as revenge for the death of her husband. I guessed Baby Tony had figured out this history and that the people of Norway were hiding this….

      Guess I was really off the mark. I had fun anyway and got an interesting quit too.

  1. I tried to log into the second link you provided and it says not authorized. I will just watch on the website and listen.

  2. Hello from rainy soon to be snowy Independence, MO. Will you be letting us know how many people were involved in the different crews?

  3. I locked on the clue of ” seeming like twins but not.” Being 1/4 Danish and being aware of the same last names but spelled differently Scandinavian tradition….I was sure it was Clara Pederson verses Dr Peterson. Lol….I was so wrong

  4. Happy day from the San Francisco Bay Area. Planning a trip to Norway this year with sisters, one who brought me to MMQ,, so this whole experience has been an absolute joy!

  5. Releasing a previous quilt maybe every other year so you never get caught up with yourself would be nice.

  6. Hi from New River AZ….and bye….as I need to get to my manicure appointment!….I have some serious claws needing attention!

  7. The question on if Baby Tony was actually dead was a great Red Herring. It made me stop and go “What if?”

    1. Congratulations on your win!! I’ll email to get your shipping address and have your prize basket off to you ASAP. 🙂

  8. Thank you Deborah for explaining everything. It is much appreciatted. And thank you to all who worked so hard to make this such a fun experience. It has been a delightful introductory year of the MMQ. Looking forward to Greece!

  9. Thank you for the overview. I never pick up these cues as I’m doing it so over the review. I guessed from the story correctly though. Thank you for putting together such an awesome idea. Love having a mystery and the sewing. I have learnt so much over the years with 2023 being my 5th quilt. Can’t wait until Greece begins. Definitely a southern hemisphere year must be comin soon, thank you to all your helpers and supporters.😊

  10. I am also ‘can’t see with my glasses’ old. Only it’s more of a ‘I had LASIK and now require reading glasses. 🙂

  11. Thank you for all your work on these quilts. I love doing them. So excited to hear you came to visit it us down under in New Zealand. I do hope that means a mystery is coming our way.

  12. I really liked this quilt and all it’s aspects. I look eager to finishing putting it together. It is going to be a birthday present to my grandson. He will also get my viking guy and there is also a lego viking ship.
    Thanks again for all the fun.

  13. Happy New Year from Elmira Ontario Canada. I received my MMQ from my daughter as a Christmas gift. I truly enjoyed the project however fell behind as summer and fall were very busy plus I usually don’t sew much during the warmer months . Slowly getting back to the sewing but stayed on top of the mystery which I enjoyed. Take care

  14. Hi from Regina Saskatchewan loved the murder mystery quilt and story thanks for a fun filled year in Odin crew looking forward to starting 2024 in Poisden crew

  15. Thank you so much for this. I have learned so much about quilting and have thoroughly enjoyed the process. And having something creative to look forward to each month has been therapeutic for me. Thank you for giving us license to play around with the elements to make it our own…and even keep off some of the blocks if we don’t love them. I loved the process of the henbane and bias tape quiltblock, but I accidentally sent it through the wash, so I was kept trying to love them…but i couldn’t…especially since I wasn’t happy with them structurally. Your enthusiasm for our creativity helps us not have regrets or feel like we are doing something wrong if we want to do it differently. Since I put so much work into the henbane blocks, and I can’t bear to rip out hand stitching, I will find a use for the blocks. Thanks again.

  16. Cynthia from Golden Grove SA Australia, Congratulations to the winners. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first Mystery Quilt even being 82 years old. Unfortunately I have struggled with a some major illnesses during 2023. I did manage to complete most of blocks, until November and December, then it all became just too much to cope with. As I pride myself with completing my sewing projects, I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to complete my quilt.
    I was going to give it to my son Neil (who gave me the Mystery Quilt as Christmas gift 2022) for Christmas this year. Many thanks to all who participated in this year’s quilt, particularly the members of the Freya group. Finally, I will complete my quilt and post if still able.

  17. How were the men that were chasing Kitty and Casey; and then Freya connected? That was what made me think Freya over Casey because they showed up as she showed up at the Stave church.

    Enjoyed sewing with you!
    Tena Shannon

    p.s. I’m off to sew Quilts of Honor. I am a little behind.

  18. Now my curiosity has been piqued… My daughter married a Saskatchewan man (whom I adore), but he took her awayto the other end of the earth and I miss her so! Still, I know she has a wonderful man who makes her happy. Isn’t that all a mother can ask for? I am sure that there must be a funny story here… but I can’t peruse all the videos to find out. Darn!

  19. Hello from Cape Breton Island,Nova Scotia.
    This is my 1st mystery quilt…I’m intrigued.
    Thanks to my twin sister,Linda for gifting me this for Christmas! I’ve only been quilting for a couple of years,so I consider myself a newbie.

    1. Soon, Diane! There were delays in receiving some of the prize fabric, but the last of it is arriving this week, and the boxes will be shipped once everything is ready! 🙂

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