May 2023: Blind Man’s Buff

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Our heroine, Kitty Campbell, has been taken in for questioning after her mother's killer assaulted her, only to return and find out that he's dead--AND that she's accused of falsifying archaeological data for her own benefit!  Could this day GET any worse?

Kitty is in the halls of academia when she stumbles, somewhat literally, on new information.  But her time is short in clearing her own name!  Read this month's chapter to learn what happens next.

Along the way, stitch up our new block!  This month, we are making the first of two foundation paper pieced (FPP) blocks included in our Viking quilt.  There is also a BONUS pattern for those won don't want to use FPP: an applique block of the same design!  You can choose either the FPP or the applique version and have the same lovely result for your quilt, based on your preferred technique.

BUT WAIT! THER'S MORE!  For EACH of the two patterns (our FPP pattern and our bonus applique pattern), you'll find both a "beginner" and an "advanced" option: the "beginner" version of each is a clean, classic design with few small pieces or tricky lines, while the "advanced" has more detail but requires more time to complete.  The patterns all finish the same size, so in the end you have FOUR options from which to choose, and only need to make ONE block!

New(er) to quilting or to one of these techniques?  Both foundation paper piecing and applique are techniques we cover in our How To Quilt video series, which is included as part of your MMQ membership.  Find the FPP video here, and the applique video here for help and inspiration as we work--or use those block designs as a practice run before tackling your Viking block this month!

PLEASE NOTE: For members who are concerned about the remaining yardage of Fabric A: Sea Glass, the pieces of the FPP pattern have been labeled for which segments can successfully be replaced by a "near match" fabric.  A "near match" is a fabric that is similar in color but not the exact same print--it might be a similar solid fabric, a micro-print that "reads" the same and looks nearly identical from a distance, a scrappy selection that's "close enough," or anything else that suits your taste.  The segments labeled do not share a seam with any other Fabric A in adjoining blocks, and replacing them with an alternate fabric will preserve your Sea Glass yardage without adversely affecting the overall design of the quilt!

As always, have fun sewing--we LOVE seeing your quilts begin to come together, and can't wait to see what the second half of the year will bring!

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28 thoughts on “May 2023: Blind Man’s Buff”

      1. My dragon is facing the opposite direction will that matter I’m new at this and I didn’t realize that’s how I have my Fabrics, I can redo it if need be

        1. Hi, Dorothy! Yes, that will make a difference in the finished quilt, but it’s possible to swap it with another block when it’s time to assemble–for now, set it aside and you can make that decision when the time comes! 🙂

  1. WHOA!! This is cool stuff. I can’t wait to do this one…I hate that I’m camping this weekend and have to wait to til the following weekend…First world problems! lol

    1. Have fun camping! Our first trip is 6/9-6/12! I love camping and won’t bring my crafting along as camping is purely downtime for me.

  2. Decisions, decisions, decisions! I almost always prefer FPP over appliqué…but the dragon scales on the appliqué version are just so fantastic I might have to do that one!

  3. I am SUPER excited about this one! I can’t wait to see everyone’s Dragons. I can’t get started!

  4. Oh Lady, you are stretching my capabilities. I don’t know how to applique or FPP.
    This going to be interesting!

    1. Debra I have no idea either and I have To go babysit my granddaughter while my daughter goes for surgery so I’ll be behind again. 😭😭

  5. I’m a bit intimidated with FPP blocks. I’m considering attempting this using fabric from my stash to see how it turns out. If I can’t get it done, I’ll use the appliqué method with my actual fabrics. It’s going to be a nice looking block either way!

  6. I need clarification on the Pattern for the mirrored pieces. Are these pieces used to trace on the fusible web? This is an awesome May block and will be starting soon once I hear back regarding my question. Thank you

    1. Yes, exactly. Use the regular pieces if you trace to the right side, and the mirrored pieces if you trace to the paper side of stabilizer or fusible webbing.

  7. I’m going to do the applique block as I prefer the softer look the scales and larger pieces give.

  8. Oh this is an exciting block! I love that each month brings a different technique. Looking forward to this chapter too.

  9. I am super excited to begin this block! I have been patiently waiting to see the makings of a dragon. Here she is! I cannot wait to see everyone’s version.

  10. I love the Dragon but super scared to try it. I have only done each way once and I am not a fan of either one. I hope I can get through this…

  11. Can’t wait to start the Appliqué version! I’ve been ill for 4 months so this will be my FIRST block – YAY!

  12. Can’t wait to get started. Not sure which approach I’ll take- FFP has a lot of small pieces.

  13. Wow. I was terrified when I first saw this block! I have never done FPP or applique before. *gulp*. After talking with my quilting friends, I have decided to do the applique. I am using the fusible to help me out, but plan on stitching as well, if I am brave enough, and once I have practiced that on scraps 🙂 Now that I have gotten started on it, I am feeling MUCH more capable! Good luck everyone!

  14. Unfortunately I just discovered that my test for the printer is only 1 7/8′ instead of 2′ so the top part of my block measures 14.75′ instead of 15.5′. Will this matter in the long run? I’m thinking if I need extra width or length I could add on some sea glass.

    1. I agree, Judi, I think you can add a strip border to your block to get it up to size when we assemble! It should become clear when you have all your blocks in front of you. 🙂

  15. I’m thinking of doing the pieced block but use the scale pattern in the appliqué to add in some outline and texture

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