It's easy to give a Murder Mystery Quilt subscription as a gift!

Follow the steps below and you'll have a beautiful gift certificate to print or email your loved one.  They'll have full access to all the content immediately upon receipt, and you'll be a holiday hero!

  1. Head to the Subscription Page, and select your perferred option: the Monthly or the Annual subscription.
  2. For USERNAME, enter the gift recipient's FIRST INITIAL and LAST NAME, all one word--so Heidi Miller would have username HMiller.
  3. For PASSWORD, create a password your gift recipient will enjoy--maybe MerryChristmasFromMichael! or HappyHannukah2019.
  4. Complete the rest of the registration form with YOUR information, including your email address (so that your gift will be a surprise) and your payment information.
  5. Complete payment.  When your payment confirmation email arrives, forward it to DEBORAH@WHIPSTITCHFABRICS.COM and include the username and password you created, letting us know it's a gift.
  6. We will reply within one business day with a personalized gift certificate that can be printed or emailed.  It will include your loved one's username, the password you created, and instructions for logging on and getting started!
  7. Pat yourself on the back.  You just saved the holidays.  Well done!