Getting Started with the 2023 Murder Mystery Quilt

It's time to start our adventure!  Are you excited yet?  This entire website has been built just for you: the Murder Mystery Quilt is a warm and welcoming group of quilters from around the globe, and my goal is always to ensure that the technology makes it as easy as possible for us to connect with one another. 

This brief introduction will show you some of the features of the site, and offer you a basic overview of what this year will look like on a practical level.  Welcome!

When you log on to the site, you'll use the Member Sign In link in the menu at the top of any page.  When you are signed out of the site, this will appear as a login page--once you sign in, your browser will be automatically directed to the "blog," a page where all our most recent updates are displayed.  IF YOU ARRIVE AT A PAGE and receive an error message that you don't have access, YOU'RE NOT SIGNED IN.  Simply use the Member Sign In menu link to log on, and navigate back to the page you were trying to reach.  To sign out, use the link in the top of the right sidebar, which reads, "Logout," just below the link that reads "Account."  You do not need to sign out every time you leave the site, but you may want to save the email you received when you first registered, which contains your username, in case you forget it later.

From the Recent Updates page, you will find the list of all our content (including this post).  Each monthly chapter and block pattern will have its own entry, and you'll be able to navigate between them in the right sidebar.  As long as you're signed in, the posts will be visible; if your subscription is interrupted, you will no longer be able to see any of the group content.

You can manage your subscription at any time from the My Account page, where you can update your payment details, change your screen avatar, add a new email address, and track activity on the Member Forum--all your posts to the forum will be visible from your My Account page, and any time you comment with another user's screen name (using the @ symbol with which we're all so familiar), they'll see your comment appear on their My Account page, as well.  This allows us to create conversation threads where we can ask and answer questions and share advice, as well as "favorite" particular links and comments to locate later.

Any time you have questions, you can leave them as a comment here on the Murder Mystery Quilt site, use the CONTACT form, or reply to ANY email you've ever received from me and I'll get your note.  Keeping the site running and making sure you're able to find all the content easily is very important to us!

Lastly, be sure to take advantage of our private Facebook group!  You can join your 2023 Clue Crew starting in late November using a Facebook invitation you receive by email.  The Clue Crews are an OPTIONAL part of the MMQ, and you won't miss anything if you choose not to use Facebook--but if you already do, it's a great place to share. Lots of members are already using Facebook every day, and having the private group appear in your feed can help you get to know other members and get inspired by their sewing!  You can also follow updates on Instagram, and tag your posts #murdermysteryquilt or #murdermysteryquilt2023.  We want to get to know you better, and to make sure that you have something exciting to look forward to every month, all year long!

Take some time to get familiar with the site, starting with the Recent Updates in the right sidebar.  Your first chapter and block pattern will arrive to you on January 11, 2023.  If you have additional questions, refer back to the Welcome Page and our FAQ page, and don't hesitate to introduce yourself in the comments below!

You've joined a very special community, and you have a lot of fun in store for you.   We're glad you're here!

115 thoughts on “Getting Started with the 2023 Murder Mystery Quilt”

  1. I am so exited to join! I have been waiting to sign up! I stumbled onto the site and wanted to do this since finding it. I am a new member! I can not wait to get started!

  2. My 4th year and quilt. First 2 were to new places, 3rd return to a great holiday, now playing in my back yard. Can not wait to get started.

    1. It should have arrived by email last week, Pam, but it’s also in the sidebar for you to download now! So happy to be quilting with you again!!

  3. This is my first time doing a mystery quietly friend Pam Barricklow told me about it but I was to late to join but not this year

  4. It says in the message that this is available to view but I can’t see it? I’ve definitely signed up for 2022!
    Thanks x

    1. Are you currently logged in? Members who are logged out will get the same message; once you log on with the registered account it will be viewable!

  5. Hello, my name is Patricia. This is my first mystery quilt to try. I’m so excited because my neighbor and I both have joined. Can’t wait!

  6. Looking forward to my second year of murder mystering. I was wondering how and if I can get back to my former Cleopatra Crew group.

  7. I too will be returning for my 3rd year! I kinda got lost in the Caribbean, lol, life happens. But I cannot wait to get started in Yellowstone!

    *Also, can I also be rejoined with my Cleopatra Clue Crew with my friends? Thank you!!!!

    1. Yay!! We’re so excited to have you back next year!! All our 2021 Clue Crews will STAY TOGETHER for 2022, and new members added as they join. Whee!!

  8. Hi
    Just wondering if you have sorted everyone into their FB groups for next year?
    I haven’t heard anything as yet.

    1. Hi, Tania! Those emails are going out this week. Please let us know if yours doesn’t arrive by Friday and we’ll make sure you’re all set!

  9. I am pretty sure I saw an email letting me know I was in the Bison clue crew. I tried to join but nothing happened. Am I dreaming? I cannot find the email again. What a way to start! My daughter and I joined together and are both very excited to begin!!


  10. Hi, I’m new here. I have a few questions. My daughter gave me this subscription as a gift. She started it in her name, which is Shallon Welford. Now that she has given it to me we have changed the name on the account to my name, Lisa Hillman. I didn’t get an email about the Facebook group or clue crew. What do I do about that?

    1. Welcome, Lisa! We can get your email address updated, no problem. You can update your own display name by clicking “My Account” in the sidebar (desktop) or bottom of the page (mobile devices). Usernames can’t be changed. Hope that helps, we can’t wait to quilt with you!

  11. Hello, super excited for my first year doing MMQ! Since I’m trying to be as cost-effective as possible, what fabrics would you recommend I buy matching thread for (for appliqués and such)? I don’t want to spend a lot of money on thread that I won’t use in the quilt.

    1. I would suggest waiting on thread until we get to the blocks that require appliqué. I always use a neutral Aurifil or Gutermann thread for piecing, usually a mid-grey. Hope that’s helpful! Can’t wait to see your quilt begin to grow!

  12. I am so excited to start this mystery project! I haven’t quilted in years so I’m hoping this will revive my love for quilting. I am looking forward to joining the facebook group!

  13. I have lived and worked in Yellowstone. This will be my Second time I have done Murder mystery Quilt. I can’t wait to get started.

  14. I’m new to this program. My son and daughter-in-law2B gave me a subscription for Christmas. I’m looking forward to a n ew adventure!

  15. First time doing anything like this, and I’ve only completed 1 quilt top before. Hubby got the subscription for me for Christmas! Heading to my LQS for supplies ASAP!

    1. We’ve seen it both ways, Karie! I recommend choosing your BACKGROUND and BORDER fabrics from the beginning, since you’ll need the most yardage of each; that way, you won’t have to search for more later. From there, you’re absolutely welcome to take advantage of end-of-year fabric sales and stock up, or to wait & select each fabric block-by-block! Some members make their quilts scrappy and use more than one fabric for each color on the selection guide–making them “very close matches” instead of identical; others choose a fabric the first time it appears, and use the same one every time that color comes up in subsequent blocks. Whatever method you choose, I know it’s going to be a GORGEOUS quilt!! We are so happy to spend the year with you!

  16. This is a Christmas present and excited to do this one. I love mystery quilts . Always taught them to friends in Texas. First one on line, new experience.

    1. Hi, Noel! We close registration the day before the SECOND block pattern is delivered–that way, none of our members ever feels “behind.” For 2022, that date is February 10 at midnight Eastern time! 🙂

  17. Please resend the invitation to the Facebook page for 2022. I am unable to find it and I did place a request to join the group. My membership was a gift and I cannot wait to get started.
    Thank you!

  18. Hello. My son and daughter-in-law gave me a subscription for Christmas. This combines two of my favorite things – quilting and reading. I’m excited to get started!

  19. Just signed up along with my niece. Not sure what fabrics I will use but I’d really like to use my stash.

    1. My Mama & I signed up to sew along together. Neither of us have gotten a FB group invite. Can it be sent/resent? Thanks! We can’t wait to get started!

  20. Hi everyone! I am not new to quilting but deff need my skills refreshed and challenged. I have not done any sew along, block of month, retreats or any other kinds of interactive quilting. I can’t wait to get started!

  21. I am looking forward to meeting all my fellow quilters and an very excited to get started, I sent a request to be assigned into group with my friend I signed up with and am still waiting for email with link. Have to say this waiting makes me a bit anxious but one the kinks are ironed out this project will be quite fun. Good luck to all!!!! Talk to you soon

  22. I have signed up for the new Mystery and looking forward to see the story.I love the colors and hope to do a better job putting together the blocks.

  23. This is my first time doing the murder mystery quilt. My daughter got the subscription for me for Christmas. My favorite activities are quilting and reading mysteries so should be perfect for me. My name is Becky.

  24. Hi Everyone! So excited to join! First timer. I’m new to quilting and have only been sewing for about a year. Eager to learn from everyone and have some fun!

  25. Hi Everyone! I just started, have never done challenge quilt. I just ran across this murder mystery and thought I would give it a try. I will be running a little behind as we are in the process of moving.

  26. I just joined. Did I miss the January 12 block? If so, how do I get it? I have been reading all the information and if it is there, I missed it. Anxious to get my first block done by February 8.

    1. Blocks are once per month, April! The January block is on the main page when you log on, or you can use the sidebar (on desktop) or scroll to the bottom (on mobile) to find the “previous” drop-down menu and find it by date. Have fun! 🙂

  27. I can not find my January quilt block and chapter downloads. I have tried on iPad and my iPhone. How do I see download?

    1. Hi,Bonita! You’ll need to visit the January post for the download button–you can always see the most recent content by using the “member sign in” link and scrolling down after you’re automatically redirected to the main page!

  28. Well, I had decided rather reluctantly to take a year off from MMQ,,,until today. I was quilting MMQ 2021 and remembering things about each block and the folks from my Facebook group and knew I would miss something fun and wonderful if I wasn’t a part of MMQ 2022. I’ll be catching up for a bit but so looking forward to the blocks, the group, clues…I just know it’s going to be the Best Year Yet!

  29. Tammy Perepelitza gave this to me as a christmas present. My name is Anita Mayer and I would like to join the facebook page.
    How do I go a bout this?

  30. I just joined and can’t find the fabric requirements or the block patterns for January and February. Please Help!!!

    1. Hi, Judy! All the content is available as soon as you register. When you log in, you’re automatically redirected to the main page, where if you scroll down, you’ll see all the content so far, organized like blog posts. You can also use the sidebar to navigate (on mobile, the sidebar is all the way at the bottom of the page when you scroll down). Hope that helps, and have fun!

  31. Hello! I just joined and am very excited to start! I am a new quilter with just two quilts under my belt, so I hope I won’t be too much in over my head! One question – when should I start looking for the Facebook group invitation? Thank you!

    1. It usually takes 48-72 hours to get you assigned to your Clue Crew, Gail–keep an eye on your “Promotions” tab, since Gmail LOVES to send invites there, and we will have you added before the weekend! Welcome, and have fun! 🙂

  32. I received this as an April birthday gift so I have lots of catching up to do!! Quick question: should I pre wash the fabric or just get going?

    Excited to get going!!

    1. Hi, Kayla, and welcome! We’re so excited to quilt with you! While some quilters pre-wash, I prefer to work with my fabric UNwashed for quilting (I pre-wash for garments, just not quilts). Either way, we can’t wait to see what you make! Have fun!

  33. Hi there! With you for the fourth time in 2023 and really looking forward to the Viking theme.
    When will the fabric list be available for the 2023 quilt-along? I know it probably seems early to be asking but I’m just so excited! (or ‘sew’ excited! Sorry, I’m english😁)
    Many thanks

    1. Hooray hooray hooray!!! The fabric requirements will be out next Wednesday!! I cannot WAIT for you to choose yours…. 🙂

  34. I’m a new member and am SO EXCITED!! I can’t wait to start with this quilt and the story that goes with it!!

  35. I love mysteries and quilting so was super excited to stumble on to this adventure! Next step, rope in my sister to join me! Looking forward to it all!

  36. I stumbled across murder mystery quilt last year and wanted to join but I had missed the deadline. I actually set an alarm on my phone and marked every calendar in the house for this year’s opening. I am so excited. I am new to quilting and want to learn as much as I can. I did a little dance when I saw the theme for this year. My husband and I both have Irish roots. And he loves the old viking stories. I can’t wait to get the fabric list and see how this all works. When do we get the list for 2023? What is the screen avatar?

  37. I’m so excited to join and get started. I stumbled upon this too late to join the 2022 mystery and was disappointed to miss out on that. I can’t wait to start picking out fabric and get sewing/solving!

    1. Us, too, Penny! The 2023 fabric guide is currently in the sidebar here on the MMQ site, and emails are going out in batches throughout the day to subscribed members. 🙂

  38. I came across this the other day and have signed up for 2023. I’ve wanted to try making a quilt for a while and this sounds like fun, and a community to offer advice along the way I hope. I have the fabric colour chart and am looking forward to choosing my fabrics and getting started.

  39. I joined for 2023 and ordered my fabric this weekend. Reading and sewing, my two favorites combined, I can’t wait to get started!

  40. Hi everyone! I received this as a gift from my daughter. This is my first time here, and I’m really looking forward it! It’s the best of both worlds for me…mysteries and quilting!

  41. I discovered this via FB Christmas week. I have purchased the MMQ2023 plan, and my fabrics. And working on the sampler quilt to get warmed up. This is my first MMQ as well. I am a beginner quilter as I have not made many quilts w/ “traditional” patterns. I am newly enamored of jelly rolls and what to do with those. I look forward to a new pattern each month and how the mystery will evolve. Thank you! Heather O.

    1. Sure thing! The easiest way is to check social media, either Facebook or Instagram, and use #murdermysteryquilt2022 (or any other year) and you’ll see posts of blocks and finished quilts from past years! 🙂

    2. Question, are there going to be different groups for 2023? I haven’t received any emails about which group I’m in. I know I signed up. Help!

      1. Hi, Shirley! We are still forming groups. Will you please send a quick note via the Contact Form here on the MMQ site (you’ll find a link in the header menu) and Lindsay will make sure you’re all set? 🙂

  42. Just signed up. Kind of nervous as I have never quilted before and have not sewed much in years. We have lots of fabric around the house which had been my mother’s stash so looking forward to giving it a purpose.

  43. Let me know what I won by getting drawn for predicting the new mystery. I got an email but don’t know what it means.

  44. I am ready to get started on this mystery quilt. My children gave to me for Christmas. I can sign in cannot get to are to download pattern. Hopefully, will get help soon .

  45. My son purchased this as a Christmas gift to me. He sure knows what I like to do!! I’ve quilted forever but have never done this mystery. I’m looking forward to getting started.

  46. This is my first MMQ, I’m so excited to be a part of this adventure !! I have been a quilter for about 8 years. My son and daughter-in-law gave me this gift for Christmas. I had never heard of it before, but I’m learning how it all works and can’t wait to get started on the mystery and the blocks! 🥰 Looking forward to a fun and rewarding year!

  47. I also received this as a gift. I’m so excited to meet new people and learn more tricks. I usually do log cabins, so this will push me out of my comfort zone. Can’t wait until we all get together on Facebook. Any idea when the group will get started?

  48. I’m excited to get started. Quilting and a mystery? I’m in. My name is Cyndie and this is my first MMQ, but I’ve been quilting for awhile. I may have trouble keeping up. I work a part-time job and a full-time job, but I’m hoping this format will encourage me to keep up with the group.

  49. I am a newbie this year as well. Looking forward to the adventure. Has the first block and chapter posted yet?

    1. Yes! The January block is under the January post–click “member sign in,” and you’ll be automatically redirected to the main page, where you can scroll down to find the most recent updates. Have fun!

  50. I just joined and cannot wait to get started. I’m new to quilting, I’ve always wanted to but never found the time with everything else. I recently lost my Aunt who quilted nonstop and inherited all of her items which include quilts not yet completed. I’m hoping that this will be the jump start I need into this world of quilting because I love murder mystery while learning and creating my first quilt so I can then try to finish all of hers and gift them to whom they were meant for.

  51. I’m loving all the new skills I’m being shown. I’m hoping we will get a FPP tutorial block soon. I’m completely new to quilting and see that people are choosing that method already. I’d like to have the same choice.

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