Murder Mystery Quilt 2018 Retail Shop Group Membership

Register below for retail shops hosting the Murder Mystery Quilt in 2018. Shop subscriptions are for the full year for up to 10 members, and include all the benefits of the 2018 Murder Mystery Quilt at a 40% discount off the individual subscription rate. Every member receives access to the website, Facebook group, all content and emails. Additional members over 10 can be added at $60 per member, on request. Shops may re-sell individual memberships according to the wholesale agreement.

Use the name and address of the shop or group organizer. It’s not necessary to know the names of every group member when registering; you can add members up to 10 at any time under this subscription by contacting Deborah at Whipstitch.

Select your preferred method of billing below, either using your PayPal account or your credit card via Stripe. Your credit card statement will read “Whipstitch Industries” as the purchase identifier. Once your payment processes, the shop owner will have immediate access to existing content; an email will arrive within 24 hours with instructions for collecting member emails so individual members of your group can be added to the site.

Thanks so much for hosting a group and sewing along with us in 2018!

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