Register below with a single, flat fee payment for the entire year. Your registration will include all the benefits of the 2020 Murder Mystery Quilt PLUS annual subscribers receive an automatic one month discount from the monthly rate!

Select your preferred method of billing below, either using your PayPal account or your credit card via Stripe. Your credit card statement will read “Whipstitch Industries” as the purchase identifier. Once your payment processes, you will have immediate access to existing content, and your email address will be added to all future messages to the group!

12 thoughts on “Murder Mystery Quilt 2020 Annual Subscription”

  1. Followed your directions in your reply. Nowhere will it allow me to enter card info. Now what???
    All I want to do is order the 2020 subscription.

    1. Sherry, what browser are you using? Chrome and Safari are best with our site, and it’s possible that yours is masking the fields that will allow you to enter your payment info. Will you try again with another browser, perhaps?

    2. Also, when you get to the registration screen, you’ll enter your address and information and click the round button for “pay with a credit card,” THEN CLICK SIGN UP, which will take you to the next screen to enter your credit card info. Hope that helps!

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