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    Selection table of Lexic Residual Current Breakers with Overload Protection, 1+N-pole
    ItemsRatingsAC TypeA TypeHpi Type
    Lexic RCBOs, 230VAC, 1+N-pole6A30mA0078 60300mA0078 71–1/60
    10A30mA0078 61300mA0078 72–
    16A30mA0078 63300mA0078 74–
    20A30mA0078 64300mA0078 75–
    25A30mA0078 65300mA0078 7630mA0085 67
    32A30mA0078 66300mA0078 7730mA0085 68
    40A30mA0078 67300mA0078 7830mA0085 69MCB Lexic manufacturers